I'm Elizabeth Cantu.
A Freelance Web Developer.

Your independent films are worth promoting online with digital press kits and personal websites. Let your fanbase see your movie stills, posters, trailers, and film specifications on one site. Let me go over your creation to boost your craft.

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Film Press Kits

Many film festivals are requesting a press kit as a requirement for submission. The press kit would be in a pdf format to submit. The press kit would display the film's specifications, cast, and credits. Additional details could be included such as movie stills, film awards and laurels, and a director's statement. A digital press kit is to promote your movie at film festivals. It is a great source for fans to learn more about your film and its cast. The press kit's QR code can scan on their phone.

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Develop a website with a history of your filmmaking career. It would establish your profession. An online portfolio is essential for actors/actresses, make-up artists, special effects, stunt persons, producers, and directors.

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